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More blog updates

In my last post I blogged about updating my blog to a static site generated by Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. In that article I mentioned a few improvements that I wanted to make and now that they are done I thought a more

Blog redux

Finally, finally! I've migrated my blog from a Wordpress install hosted on some shared hosting to a Jekyll-powered blog hosted on Github Pages. Setting up the custom domain was a simple task as it is well documented in the Github Pages help. Currently, I'm more

Leaflet test map

Testing out adding the Leaflet quick start map to the new Jekyll-powered blog. This is pretty sweet. I'm not entirely sure why yet, but to get the map to play nice with Bootstrap, I had to put a space in the map div. This more

Temporarily disabling comments

I'm temporarily disabling commenting on the site until an upcoming migration is done. When it's completed I'll re-enable and all you spam-bots can go back to trying to get me to buy fake Gucci bags and Viagra.

PHP Development Setup on Ubuntu 12.04

In my last post on Python development, I went through the steps I took to set up a virtual machine running Ubuntu 12.04 for web development using the Flask Python Microframework. That was an interesting and informative exercise for me and I hope it was for more

Python Development Setup on Ubuntu 12.04

The Backstory Recently, I've had a renewed interest in Python. I had some limited exposure to it during my time as a undergraduate studying GIS as ESRI's ArcGIS supports its use as a scripting/modeling language, but most recently I've been interested in Python for more

Go Ahead, RTFM, It's New & Improved

One frustrating aspect of working with any open-source project can be the lack of thorough documentation.  This is especially true of an open-source project with a code-base the size of Moodle's. An off-hand, quick count shows that in Moodle 2.2 there are over 30 more


Welcome to the inaugural post of! I'm excited to finally bring this blog to life. My hope for it is (at least) two-fold: 1) share some things I've learned about developing in Moodle and 2) bring readers along on my journey of exploring new/existing web more